The complete visual outdoor package

Photography, film and drone footage for your unique experience.

People are getting more and more visually oriented. This is why it is so important to present your company with strong and professional visual content. I’ve teamed up with Marion Stoffels and Lonneke Tubbing to create the ultimate visual outdoor content package.

Our specialisations enable us to offer a complete visual package. With this we visualize your unique experience.

I want this!

This is why you book with us

  • One complete package with photography, film and drone footage about your experience 

  • Everything is arranged in one go

  • Consistent quality

  • Personal approach

  • Storytelling on professional level

Plan a call!


our method

1. Schedule a call

2. Together we create a concept that meets your needs

3. We will do our magic and start creating the footage

4. Within 4 weeks you will receive the custom-made content

5. Attract more customers to your experience!

Who Are We?

We are three passionate photo and videographers who love adventures.
With the same interests we found each other through the large Instagram platform.

After a number of collaborations we noticed that we could work very well together. We decided to partner up to create an ultimate outdoor storytelling package.

We can’t wait to create more content for you!


Lonneke Tubbing


Marion Stoffels


Abigail van Kooten

Work by Marion

You can definitely say that Marion is THE drone queen. She always knows how to capture the most stunning drone footage you can imagine. Besides a drone pilot, Marion is also a very good photographer.

Work by Lonneke

Lonneke’s movies perfectly match the moods of the photos. She always knows how to capture the right moment and create the most stunning film content. Besides creating perfect videos, Lonneke is also working as a photographer.