A perfect night at the woods

The Cabiner

 The first time I heard of the Cabiner I thought that this was a pretty cool concept! Since then I wanted to spend a night in the cabin, in the middle of the woods of Drenthe, the Netherlands. The only problem was that the Cabiner was always booked far ahead. Pretty last minute we discovered that Robin and I had the same three days off. So… I just checked the availability of the Cabiner and there it was!! Exactly the day we were able to go to the Cabiner it was still available! Like it was meant to be.
We decided to book immediately and we never regretted it. I think the next photos will prove it was a perfect weekend with a lot of moments to unwind and with a lot of beautiful nature. To get to the cabin we needed to hike 5 km through the forest. We brought our own sleeping bags, food and some nice beers for the evening (…oh we DO love some nice beers). We haven’t only brought some good beers, I’m also a big tea fanatic… So I never go somewhere without my own tea.
After we arrived at the cabin it felt so good. The cabin was even beter then we expected. The view is incredible and it was so quiet. There is nobody else in the surrounding area. You need to warm up your own warm water with the wood stove. A night spend at the cabin will leave you a lot more aware of the things that come naturally at home. One thing we know for sure… If you love nature, than you’ll love a night at the Cabiner!  

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