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 If there is a location in the Netherlands where you can get off the beaten path, it is without a doubt at the Veluwe. Here you will find nature reserves, dunes, forests, sand drifts and not one but two national parks. You’ll find a lot of hiking trails, nature experiences, close encounters with wild animals and beautiful locations. In November 2020 it was finally time to get to know the Veluwe better. And if you love a good adventure like me, what better way to do that better than with a Land Rover?
A Land Rover with a rooftop tent! For VAN HET PAD we have been on the road for 3 days to discover the Veluwe and to experience to get off the beaten path with a Land Rover and rooftop tent. Now I’m not averse to a good outdoor camping adventure, and I can tell you that driving the dirt roads that are normally off limits are a perfect adventure. Sleeping in the tent on top of the Land Rover makes it even better!
To make the experience even more magical, the nights where filled with campfires, marshmallows and it was freezing cold. We woke up in the middle of a frozen forest, can you wish for anything more? As an outdoor enthusiast I can tell you it was the perfect adventure! Are you also interested in your own Land Rover adventure in the Netherlands? Then contact Kees van VAN HET PAD to plan your own adventure!

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